Comfort Maxi cab taxi sg reviews
August 21, 2022

Comfort Maxi Cabby Sg service reviews that will blow your mind!

Darminto Soebandi

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Rumesh Ubayasiri

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Sharmane Giri

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Anthony Milikan

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In Mahadi

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Xueling Lee

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Teo Jacqueline

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Sharon Leong

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Grace Shiow

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Anil Tirunagari

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Malathi Maratheyah

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Ignatius Lee

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Sivakumar Balaji

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Kordial Kor

My mother was discharged from hospital suddenly and she was not in a condition to walk. We tried to get her into normal taxi but she was in pain. We asked the hospital for assistance but they were unable to help us. Kept telling us doctor will call me but in vain. Then we called Maxi Cab and I say kudos to the driver who was having his dinner and was not on duty. He came all the way to Jurong East to our rescue. He carefully laid out the ramps onto the door entrance of his cab. Wheeled her up, lifted her carefully to place her safely on the seat. He drove carefully and in the same manner used the ramps to lift her down. Without his help, we would have been stranded as it was already 9pm waiting for some help from hospital which never came. Thank you Maxi Cab for a job well carried out.

Firhan Fenix

Awesome service rendered. 1) Quick and swift reply 2) Friendly, welcoming and helpful 3) Very engaging throughout the entire ride 4) Spacious and clean interior

William Tan

Service good . Patient to customer.

Ravinpal Singh

Good and professional service. Booked for entire family with 2 pets. Driver is very accommodating and friendly. Good cleanliness in the minibus.

Wan Nur Faezah Wan Abdullah

Amazing! Very fast and efficient! Drivers were very lovely too!!! Highly recommended!!! 👍👍👍

Hafiz Sulaiman

Booked a charter service to send my parents to the airport at 6am with maxicab. What a good experience with them. Mr Wong (the driver ) came earlier to ensure everything is ready. Car itself was in a very good shape. Me and my whole family had a comfortable trip to the airport. Recommend for those planning to have an awesome trip around Singapore. Engage them ! They will ensure your journey goes well.

Wing Hoe Leong

Excellent service provided by the company and the driver, Bai, was very friendly and professional throughout the trip.

Anandraj Rengaraj

Booked to shift my bicycle. Fast and reliable!!

Sappire heels

Driver is on time and with best attitude ever. Professional and driving skill is superb. Recommended. Worth the Booking.

Jay Pal Singh Sidhu

Very friendly and accommodating. Maxicabby is one service will be returning to! Highly recommended!

Sandeep Singh

Best in the business for transport in Singapore. Driver was prompt and professional. Would reccomend for anyone looking for MaxiCab service

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