a white 13-seater minibus for airport transfer services
August 1, 2022


Our Large Capacity Vehicles

a white 13-seater minibus for airport transfer services
13-seater minibus

Trips on all vehicles in the MaxiCabby fleet are charged on a per-trip or per-hourly basis, depending on your usage needs. Our maxi cabs have a capacity of between 6 to 13 seats with ample room for your luggage. People with disabilities can also comfortably travel in our wheelchair transport maxi cab. If you want a luxurious treatment, you can enjoy our Alphard or vellfire for the ultimate experience at an affordable price. There are no hidden charges with Maxi Cabby (Comfort Maxi Cab Sg 2022) ; you pay the price indicated for your preferred minibus or maxi cab.

Furthermore, you can count on us to pick you up from Singapore’s major airports to hotels or staycation of your choice.

Maxi Cabby Services

Wheelchair taxi suitable for our disabled clients
wheelchair taxi

We have an array of services that suit your airport transfer, wheelchair for the disabled, and professional travel. When choosing a maxi cab or minibus for the following services, what should you look for?

Bike Transportation

With cycling increasingly becoming one of the most popular past times in Singapore, you can now enjoy hassle freecycle transportation services with Maxicabby. All you have to do is give our team a call and you can now enjoy a pickup or drop-off with all kinds of bikes all over Singapore.

Pet Transportation

Pet Transportation
Pet Transportation

Provide your pet with luxury transport to and from locations such as the vet or groomers with hassle-free transactions with our team. With pets unable to ride on public transport and many carsharing services unable to transport your pets, Maxicabby provides the best-in-class service to all our customers.

A Maxi Cab to a Hotel of Your Stay in Singapore

minibus to Singapore hotel
Taxi driver with luggage assisting female passenger to board van at airport

Travel from the airport to a hotel of your choice can be a nightmare with large luggage carrying your work documents or staycation belongings. Singapore is a tourist destination, and many tourists are often forced to fit their things in a small taxi to the hotel.

These hustles are a thing of the past with the arrival of minibus and maxi cab cars from Maxi Cabby services. Our 13-seater minibus is large enough to carry you and your luggage comfortably.

Choose a company with a proven response time. Within 15 minutes or less of your booking, we will be there to take your preferred destination.

The company providing the cab services should also be available in an emergency. Maxi cabby’s level of transparency is unquestionable, enabling you to engage with us 24/7 via email, phone calls, and WhatsApp. Rely on Maxi Cabby services for your workers’ transportation.

Airport Transfer in Singapore

A 7-seater maxi cab for airport transfer
7 seater maxi cab for airport transfer

If you are jetting in Singapore, let’s break the news; you will have heavy traffic to deal with. If you have luggage, you will need ready and reliable big taxi services rather than go through the hustle of looking for a vehicle. Our minibus will cater to your travel needs.

Why should you book a cab service early before your arrival?

It limits confusions

Singapore can be confusing for foreigners. Though you may see a taxi sign at the airport, finding one could take you some time. You might not know the prices of the taxis.

You risk getting lost if you go with public transportation because you do not know whether they will take you to the right hotel. The situation can be worse when you have large luggage and are stranded on the streets.

It is hassle-free

You need a big taxi with a large space to accommodate your suitcase, and for the people, you have travelled with. Maxi Cabby has minibuses dedicated to airport transfer to pick you up with your belongings to the correct destination.

Before making a booking, you will see the prices; there are no surprises with our pricing models. Moreover, you can pay for airport transfers via the internet without changing your currency. 

No delays

Maxi cabby drivers for airport transfer will pick you up at the airport and take the shortest route so that you can rest at your hotel or get to your workstation faster. Within 15 minutes or less after booking, we come to your aid 24/7. You can also book our services for your return to the airport, and it is our responsibility to ensure you are not late for your flight once you book early and give the correct information.

Easy for Family

Kids are often restless, making it challenging to juggle between them and luggage. Without an airport transfer, you could find yourself at crossroads where you are confused about answering your taxi driver or your kids.

Our airport transfer lets you enjoy a relaxed journey, making your family trip to Singapore memorable and fun. You can easily move through the crowded city-state. Book your airport transfer at an affordable price to ensure you enjoy your arrival and stay on this beautiful Island. 

Travel in Singapore

Singapore is a destination for many tourists and travellers who need taxi services to move to the airport or the hotels from the airport. It can be challenging to get a normal taxi service to your destination with large luggage while keeping your property safe.

Additionally, people with disabilities also need cabs that will not force them off their wheelchairs. Is there a cab service with comfortable services that would fit your airport transfer and long-distance travel in Singapore? Yes, the answer is Maxi Cabby services.

Our cars are large and suitable for airport transfers even with large luggage. We also take you to the hotel of your stay throughout Singapore. Our knowledge of various routes on the Island helps us take you to your destination in the shortest time possible to enjoy your rest from the long journey. 

We care for our friends with disability. Our cars are designed to comfortably accommodate wheelchairs to remain safely seated as you move from one place to the other. This article highlights why maxi cabby services are the best for large luggage movement to the airport and hotels in Singapore. We will also educate you on what you should look for when choosing a maxi cab or minibus for your travel.

 Let’s consider some of our unique services.

Final Thought

Airport transfer is an essential service whenever you have large luggage that could not fit in small taxi cars. Therefore, you need a big cab designed for the job. Our airport transfer cabs have more than enough spaces for your luggage and your family. Our drivers will take you where you alight to the hotel you booked on time.

If you use a wheelchair for your daily operations due to disabilities, our minibus is designed to facilitate your travel without moving you off your comfortable seat. Our drivers are well trained to handle our clients courteously, so expect state-of-the-art treatment onboard our cabs. 

 Check out additional services we have on our official website and book your cab today.

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