comfort maxicabby photo sg 2022; things you shoud know with Faqs
August 19, 2022

The difference among Comfort Maxi Cab Sg: What, which, where, would, will, how, do, does, is, are, can, should (with 2022’s answers).


What is Maxi Cab Sg?

Maxi Cab is a bigger version of taxi which can accommodates from 6-seater to 13-seater vehicle. Its Singapore most popular and favorite transportation. Ideally for airport shuttle, large luggages, bulky items, transport your bicycles and even wheelchair. Some will book us for tours, weddings functions and even for cemetery visitation.

What is a Comfort wheelchair taxi Sg?

Comfort Wheelchair Taxi SG is to transport a wheelchair bound pax from one point to another point. Our vehicles can accommodate the wheelchair bound pax to travel safely.

What is an average mileage of Maxi Cab in Sg?

On daily basis maxi cab can cloaks up to 250km on average mileage. It depends on the number of maxi cab bookings.

What is an average Maxi Cab service fee or fare in Sg?

Our Maxicabby do not have any service charge. We do not believe in charging service fare on top of the normal rates.

What Comfort Maxicabby Sg have different types of taxi services?

Various kind of service as airport taxi, wheelchair transport, hourly charter, private event or functions, tours, sightseeing, pet taxi, or to go to any long-distance venues.

What are our opening hours?

We are open 24 hours and 365 days a year.

What covid precautionary measures we take?

Our Vehicle are sanitized after every trips. Cleanliness and safety of passengers are our top priority. Hand sanitizers are also provided in the vehicles for passengers use.

What are the peak hours for taxi in Singapore?

it’s from 7.30 am to 9.30am and 5 pm to 11.30pm (Singapore time).

What is Comfort Maxi Cab Sg admin fee?

We don’t have any admin charges for any bookings. Only payments made via credit cards will have 10% administrative fees.

What Is The Maximum Passenger And Luggage A Maxicab 7 Seater Can Carry?

7 person 


Which taxi can fit an adult bicycle?

Maxi cab 7-seater or our 13-seater minibus.

Which taxi app is the best in Singapore?

Depends on individual.  All are good.


Why Midnight Booking Charges Extra?

There is minimal booking during midnight and I believe its practise around the world. 

Why Arrival More Expensive Than Departure?

We will be monitoring your flight and a certain time is blocked for your arrival. Drivers cannot take other bookings till they have dropped you off. 


Where we are located?

We are located in the central of Singapore but our vehicles are spread all around Singapore.


Would you charge extra if my flight has been delayed?

Absolutely NO. For arrival we will monitor the flight arrival time and first 60mins upon landing time is complimentary.


Will Maxicab transport bicycle?

Yes Maxicab wll gladly transport bicycles.


How Much 7 Seater Maxicab From Jurong West Costs?

$70 or $80

How Much There Is A Price Of Maxi Cab From Yishun Ave 5 To Changi Airport

$60 or $70

How Many Big Luggage Our 7 Seater Maxicabby Sg Can Carry?

Only 4 big luggages

How To Call Us Directly As I Don’t Like To Fill Up Booking Forms?

Click on the whats app icon or the call us now

How Much We Charge For Workers’ Trip?

Sorry we don’t provide that service 

How to book maxi cab in Singapore?

Since WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app worldwide, just click on the Whatsapp icon in and do your bookings right away. Alternatively, you may call directly on the call us to talk to our friendly operator. PLEASE DO TAKE NOTE THAT WE ARE ABLE TO CATER LAST MINUTE BOOKINGS. 15 MINUTES ISLANDWIDE RESPONSE.

How do Comfort wheelchair taxi works?

You may call or text us for bookings and we will be there at the required. 

How to book a Comfort wheelchair taxi?

You may book online, email, call or wats app us. Our operation teams would gladly help you

How much does a wheel chair taxi cost?

It cost between $50 to $65 SGD.

How much does a maxi cab cost in sg?

The rates for Maxicab starts from SGD$50.00 depending on the services. It’s a flat rate. No hidden charges. Our Maxi cab provides the cheapest rate on this island called Singapore.

How to find nearest and fastest Comfort Maxicabby Sg?

Just call or WhatsApp our hotline number +65 90096406 and we will send you a vehicle right away.

How you can pay to Comfort Maxicabby Sg?

We accept all kind of payments. Credit cards, Cash, Paypals, Paynow, Paylah.

How to contact us?

Just Click on the WhatsApp icon, call us or email us you query.

How can you contact the driver?

We will provide the assigned driver 24hours before your booking. Name, vehicle number plate, vehicle type, and mobile number will be provided.

How professional and competent are the drivers?

We guarantee our maxi cab drivers are well experience in this field. Professionalism and competent always throughout the journey.

How does social distancing apply in maxicab and minibus?

Singapore law has gone easy for transportation now. Its fine to travel with any numbers of pax within the legal law to travel.

How to transport a bicycle on taxi?

Book Us Now comfort maxi cab Singapore. we can accommodate up to 4 bicycles.

How to call a maxi cab in Singapore?

You may contact us via our website.

How do You complain about a taxi driver in Singapore?

You may contact the operator of the taxi company and lodge a complaint.

How many taxi companies are there in Singapore?

There are more than 7 companies that operates taxis in Singapore.

How is taxi fare calculated?

For Maxicab we charge a flat fee for point to point.

How much is a taxi from Singapore airport to the city?

It can cost between SGD $25 to $35 depend on timings.

How far is Singapore airport from the city?

Estimate about 18 to 20km.

How many luggage can fit in a taxi Singapore?

Only 1 big and 1 small for standard taxi.

How much would a Comfort Maxi taxi Sg cost for 5km?

It depends the time of the day. It could cost you between SGD $6 to SGD $12.

How to go changi Sg airport terminal 1 by MRT?

You may take any MRT from any station that heads east and changed at Expo to the train that heads to airport. 

How much is a 10-minute Comfort Maxi taxi Sg ride?

It depends on the time of the day. No definite pricing as to traffic conditions and peak hour surging prices.

How do you get from Singapore airport to downtown?

Singapore has various public transports available or you may book out Maxi Cabs and travel in safe and relaxing style.

How does a Comfort Maxi taxi Sg taxi meter work?

It goes by the number of metres travelled by the taxi.

How do you schedule a Comfort Maxi cab Sg?

You will need to call their operator number and make a booking. Booking fees will be imposed from such operators 

How do you find your lost Comfort Maxi taxi Sg?

You will need to contact the operator and lodge a missing item. 


Do you have to book in advance?

If you have a firm date and time its wiser to book in advance.

Do you provide meet & greet services?

Yes, we do. With an additional small sum of $10, we provide meet and greet with a placard.

Do you have to pay a security deposit if you book in advance?

Usually No but during peak periods or large project we do request for deposits.

Do you offer refunds?

Case to case basis.

Do you provide booster seats for kids?

For our 6 seaters yes, and mandatory. As for other vehicles child seat are not mandatory.

Do your drivers smoke or can anybody smoke in Maxi Cab?

No Smoking at all times in the Maxi Cab. It is prohibited by law.

Do you charge extra for additional pick-up points or drop off points?

Yes, extra SGD$10 for distance within 3km and SGD$15 to SGD$30 to more than 3km.

Do you need to make a reservation in advance?

Advisably yes if you have a firm time and date. Especially if it’s an event.

Do you operate during public holidays or at night?

Yes we are open 24 hours 365 days a week.

Do you provide hourly charters?

 Yes, we do. Various attractive packages for hourly charters.

Do you have to pay ERP charges?

No as maxicab charges are flat rates.

Do Maxi taxis take small pets?

Yes, they do with a surcharge.

Do you tip taxi drivers in singapore?

You may if you want.

Do Comfort Maxi taxis Sg charge for waiting?

Maxi cab gives 45 upon landing time complimentary for arrival from any airports or ferry terminal. Other services only first 15mins are complimentary. 10$ SGD per 15min block will be charge after complimentary time

Do We Have a Party Bus?

Yes we do

Do We Have A School Bus Transport?

No we don’t provide that’s service 

Do We Do Sightseeing Tours I Need A 40 Seater Bus?

Yes we do have bus up to 49 seater

Do We Deal In Custom Booking?

Yes you may customised your booking. 


Does comfort flat fare include booking fee?

It’s excluded for normal taxis. For Maxi cab there is no booking fees.

Does Maxicab Transfers pick other customers during my booking?

No, our maxicab bookings are strictly private bookings. No other customers will join you during your trips.

Does a 1 Year Baby Need A Child Seat?

For maxicab and minivan not compulsory. For alphard or vellfire is mandatory. 


Is your driver registered?

All our drivers are registered drivers by our company. Licensed by our government Land Transport Authority

Is there any cancellation fees for advance booking?

Cancellation Fees of 50% will be imposed if cancellation is done within 24hours.

Is it possible to book maxi cab online in Singapore?

Yes, you can via our booking now.

Is traveling in Maxi Cab cheaper?

Absolutely if you have a large family or you will need to travel with luggages, baby strollers or even wheelchair bound family members.

Is there a cost for cancelling a pre-booked maxicab or minibus?

As long as its more than 24hours its complementary. No cost will be incurred.

Is there any type of deposit required?

Deposit will be required if bookings are made during peak periods or special events bookings.

Is there an extra charge for using credit/debit card?

Yes, a 10% administration fees will be imposed on top of the rates.

Is this acceptable that at least one of the passengers uses a walker or a wheelchair?

Yes we have wheelchair transport specially for wheelchair bound passengers.

Is maxi taxi more expensive?

It depends as it’s better to take a Maxicab instead of two taxis.

Is Maxicab under comfort Delgro?

No. Maxi cab is a name for bigger vehicles with seating arrangements. Can accommodate 6 to 13 pax.

Is there GST on taxi fares in Singapore?

All out fares a nett. 


Are pets allowed in taxi Singapore?

No. There are charges if needed under the ride hail apps in Singapore.

Are taxis safe in Singapore?

Yes they are safe. Vehicles need to undergo inspections yearly to keep up to local law standard

Are all your vehicle insured?

In Singapore it is illegal to drive a vehicle without insurance. It is mandatory to have a valid insurance.

Are the company’s vehicles covered by insurance?

YES, it is mandatory to have a valid insurance coverage for the vehicle in Singapore. Heavy fine and jail terms for driving without valid insurance under Singapore laws.

Are your drivers vaccinated?

Yes, our drivers are all fully vaccinated. Infect we are needed to take ART test twice a week.

Are you providing services during COVID-19?

Yes again we are 24 hours and 365 days a year operational.

Are Passengers Safe In Our Maxi Cab?

Yes absolutely safe. Insurance covered in case of accident. Drivers have gone through vocational courses before ther are able to drive a maxicab on top of their driving license courses.  


Can you get a discount on your further bookings?

YES, we do offer attractive packages for our multiple trips.

Can you show me tourist attraction if I book Maxi Cab for hourly package?

Yes, we will bring your family to all historic places, tourist attractions and also places requested by you.

Can you pick up a colleague, friend or family member when a charter service is in operation?

Yes, you may. Your wish is our command.

Can you utilize Maxicab Transfers to move your belongings?

Yes, you may as our maxi cab minibus do have large space which can transport bulky items.

Can we provide services for covid patients?

Yes we can. We can transport covid patients for their check ups at any medical centers or designated covid centers.

Can you call Comfort Maxicabby Sg taxi service at any time?

A big YES. Comfort Maxicabby sg operates around the clock. Experience drivers on standby. Be it day or night.

Can you put a bike in a taxi?

Yes we can accommodate up to 4 bicycles in our vehicles.

Can taxi pay by nets?

For Maxicab we accept credit card, paylah, paynow, cash

Can bicycle fit in taxi

No. Our standard taxis in Singapore are standard saloon car. Taxis will not load your bicycle in Singapore standard taxis.


Should you put on a mask when travelling in a cab?

As of today, it is mandatory in Singapore law to put on a mask once you step out of your house or hotels.

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